• Daven Lee

    The Power of the Yin


    Daven Lee is the founder of the Yin Center and the director of the Yin Center Conference. Through her original work, the Power of the Yin, Daven helps strong, sensitive women connect with and embody the source of their true power so they can lead with wisdom, creativity, energy and potency. The uniqueness of her work is informed by the ancient shamanic art of qigong, sacred Daoist sexuality, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, and other somatic healing and movement arts. She is an entrepreneur, a dancer, and a mother to two young adult children. Daven is also the creator of The Power of the Yin Oracle Deck for Women©.



    Bursting into Bloom

    6 1.5-hour sessions starting Jan 28


    You Are Not Alone: Connecting with Guides & Guidance

    An Instant Access Course 




    An Essential Conversation held by Cécile Masson with Daven Lee

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