• “Life is the dance of unfolding potential: beautiful in its diversity, strong in its pursuit of excellence and magnificent to witness and be part of.”

    Rose, Letters of Love to Life
    by Cécile Masson

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    A Lifelong Journey of Leadership and Stewardship. A remarkable novel on inspiring feminine leadership and deep commitment to environmental preservation. It presents a multifaceted story that resonates with readers who are passionate about leadership, environmentalism, and the intersection of personal responsibility with broader societal and ecological concerns through their individual  journey towards wholenes.

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    The Garden of Rose

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  • The book gives the reader hope for what is possible in the future. It gives us a picture of how a community may thrive. How it can connect a local communal way of living with a global vast network of cohabitation.


    Young Dutch philosopher (26)

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    An interview by Emma Lucy Wall where Cécile speaks about the book, the journey and her trust in future generations.

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    Letter of Love to Life

  • For one on one coaching sessions with Cécile check out her coaching proposition or reach out to her directly. With her 25+ years accompanying internationally private clients, politicians and business owners she could just help you too take the next step in your career or private life with clarity and ease. 

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