• Care First World

    A vibrant triannual global magazine

    Sandra and Louis Bohtlingk


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    Sandra and Louis Bohtlingk, brought to life a “Care First World” a vibrant new magazine.


    Created with joy and a passion for sharing positive stories that often go unheard, their aim is to connect with a diverse audience through a language and presentation that resonates, fostering heart-intelligent collaboration and a Care First approach in our world.



    In "Care First World," they embark on a journey to activate the intelligence of our hearts. Through a beautiful and playful design, they delve into the many uplifting, inspiring, and encouraging activities that surround them, presenting them in a non-divisive, non-imposing, soft, and colorful language. Their goal is to speak to the hearts of many, creating an experience for the reader that is almost childlike, deeply heartfelt, and engaging.


    As stewards of positivity, they aspire to offer a genuinely hopeful perspective on the future of humanity. This optimism is grounded in the application of heart intelligence and the principle of Care First. Within the pages of the magazine, they aim to deepen the understanding of the strength and clarity embedded within these concepts, sharing real-life examples of their impactful application.

    Care First World created by Sandra en Louis Bohtlingk

    "Care First World" is not just a magazine; it's a gift they generously extend to you, the readers. They invite you to support this venture, both financially and in other ways, as you feel inspired to do so. By sharing this magazine on a large scale, they create a ripple effect of positivity worldwide, contributing to a more caring and heart-centered world.


    Join them in this colorful and uplifting journey as they explore, celebrate, and amplify the power of heart intelligence and Care First.


    Together, we create a world where positivity knows no bounds.



    Read the magazine as a gift from the heart and share the website adress with others so they can read it too.

    Note: if you want to download the magazine, or order the paper version you can do this for a small fee as well. 



    An Essential Conversation held by Cécile Masson with Louis Bohtlingk

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    Cécile Masson

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    Barbara Cecil

    Cofounder of the CIYO feminine leadership Program

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    Care First World

    Sandra en Louis Bohtlingk

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