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    Unfolding the potential of harmony in your relationship to money


    Sarah McCrum Love Money Money Loves You


    Experience the energy of her book Love Money, Money Loves You and get the first couple of chapters for free.

    Sarah has opened a completely new way of thinking about and interacting with money. This latest edition gives us a glimpse into what the future of value and currency could look like on our planet. It is very helpful and exciting.

    Let it inspire you to develop a feminine relationship to money and value.

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    Most people experience fear and stress around money and they’re not aware how much it’s influencing their business, financial and family life, and their impact in the world.

    Sarah McCrum is a teacher and author who helps people create a healthy relationship with money, based on the principles of her book, Love Money, Money Loves You. Working light is her motto.


    Her work is founded on 30 years of personal practice, 22 years of training with Chinese Masters and two decades of coaching business owners and leaders. Over 10,000 people have joined her online courses about money. Sarah has the courage and the spirit to challenge the status quo of our relationship to money. Her vision and knowhow regarding global economy, ecology and the social needs of communities offers a fresh and feminine approach to universal challenges. She is a generous and gracious leader with a firm understanding of reality and understands the dynamics of life to the bone.


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    Sarah McCrum

    Love Money, Money Loves You