The Garden of Rose

Today’s personal and global challenges require of us to develop new ways of living in our close communities, in our countries and on this planet. That change starts with each one of us on a deep personal level. That cannot be forced it requires gentleness, care, and guidance.

We are trapped in an ecological divide, social divide, and spiritual divide that is at a braking point for humanity and has been devastating for many species.

The rift that many sense but cannot always name, often starts within us, and is expressed in hesitations such as “my heart tells me this, but my mind tells me that.” To help heal personal and collective fragmentation, deep personal learning structures can be of great help. Structures that help you see and sense yourself and your surroundings so that you can grow consciousness from within.

There was a powerful connection between men and women in Yin Center Conference where I was one of the speakers. The feminine was looked at from an anatomical point of view, integrated by body work that bring balance between the masculine and the feminine qualities in us and from an energetic point of view, that makes us realize how directly this feminine aspect is linked to the generosity of our planet. If you have missed it there is still chance to get access to the recoding’s.

My contribution was a one-hour experience of my program A Letter of Love to Life. Women and men joined and found it a beautiful session, that helped them ground themselves, experience the space of gentle exploration and unconditional sharing. It helped them open themselves like a flower, gently and all at their own pace.