Purpose calls for Love

These last couple of weeks have made me realize again how fragile life is and how much a nurturing space is needed where true dialogue can happen. Dialogue with yourself and with others. In many organizations there is little time to reflect, to really sense into what is needed as millions are trapped in a close to infernal loop of action-reaction. This mode of working suits some, but others wish to have more time to set out a path for themselves that gives more meaning to their lives.
That is why I send out a quick reminder that the program A Letter of Love to Life is starting 10th May.
You might think that it is all a little big or fluffy or not concrete enough. Yet from the 25 years of working in various countries with people of all walks of life I realize that appreciating and loving life no matter what is one of the toughest things to achieve for many.

Many are fiercely yet elegantly looking for new ways to welcome a future that honours life and its natural harmony. Many have gone before us yet never has the need for more feminine qualities and presence been so strong. To rebalance our own, our cultures and contribute to life on earth in a sustainable way, every voice counts both of women and men.

Wherever you are on your life’s journey, young or old, feel welcome to pause on how you love life and explore in a safe circle how to move through the year invigorated by purpose. This could be a nice place to come into your personal flow.