The Power of the Feminine

The world is changing fast. Everywhere we turn, old systems and ideas are breaking down, and new visions of what is possible are blossoming into life. That does not go without resistance, without fear and loss as we witness since many years already on various fronts.

One of the biggest paradigm shifts taking place (perhaps THE biggest) is the re-emergence of the power of the feminine that is so needed to bring more harmony into the world. Helping women (and men) express their wisdom not only empowers them, but it also empowers their children and communities and helps to maintain or regain a healthy relationship to the environment we live in, wherever in the world.

This is a personal and collective evolutionary change and many different ways of helping wo(men) express their authority and creativity are needed.

My work is part of this change. Be that with the Coming Into (Y)Our Own Feminine Leadership Program, be that with my book Rose Letters of Love to Life or in this upcoming online Yin Center Inaugural Conference that will happen from 1-3 of April.