The other day my friend Isabelle Pujol, CEO of Pluribus Global, shared a beautiful extract of the conversation with Christine Lagarde. And I hope you will share it too on LinkedIN and other channels too. How incredible that she should speak about love as the most important factor in her journey. And yet, how very, very true.
Last year I sat with my friend and colleague Maija van Langendonck to look at what was at the core of my business and within an hour it was clear that all I have done the last years is to help my clients fall in love with life again. Their own personal life but also life in the greater sense of the word. My book Rose, Letters of Love to Life is certainly a reflection of what it takes to love no matter what.
Another expression of love is the slow growing activities in The Garden of Rose.

  • Are you highly intuitive or naturally empathic?
  • Are you sensitive to energy or vibration?
  • Has anyone ever described you as highly sensitive?

Many people who receive my emails fit one of these descriptions. This includes many business owners, coaches and people interested in energy and others.