Letters That Speak Lines

The other day I had a wonderful conversation with a friend who lives in New York, who is reading my book and we spoke about nature. Our nature in a female body and nature in the short history of humankind. She justly said: “she seems to be in the way,” referring to she as human beings of female gender and nature itself.

Where nature surprises us again and again in her cyclic movements of the universal expansion, in unity with planets that hold her waters and give her fire, humanity cuts grits of straight lines through ancient forests and deep oceanic waters interrupting the natural flow of energy that unites us all.

The same natural flow of energy that arouses from a healthy feminine and masculine body that is in flow with its natural force too has been suppressed by many traditions and still is, to silence the voice of strong and vibrant human communities that live in harmony with nature’s habitat, the plants, and the animals.

In the way of what exactly, many keep wondering. Have we really forgotten that we are part of nature and intrinsically woven into the cloth of her abundance? Have we forgotten that we are part of the emerging creation that manifests itself through us on this wonderful and lush planet? How can we invite her back into our lives?

This is part of the quest of Rose, the female matriarch in my book who looks for a just balance between civilisation and nature. As some of the early readers of the book Rose letters of love to life suggested, this book is the start of a movement. In The Garden of Rose, it is that movement we encourage in small and greater circles. Each contributor inviting participants to explore this fragile yet powerful energetic cloth that unites us all in very different yet overlapping ways.