Letting Go

“The increasing fragmentation of knowledge makes us loose the gratitude for the ‘undivided’, which is reflected in and through our own body. I believe the divine dwells in us whether we call it God or otherwise.”

Rose, Letters of Love to Life

The silence that was present these last weeks was reverberating, inviting us to be humble in front of the complexity we face in whatever context.

Letting go of dear ones, even when their time is up and they chose to leave, makes us again realise how different lives can be, how differently they are celebrated, how different the same event is being embraced or not.

Letting go of the linearity of events and our lives, letting go of fixed assumptions and prejudices yet alone expectations that can never be met, invites new energy to fill our daily lives. An energy that is fresh, rich, and warm and that celebrates life no matter what.

The gratitude for the undivided that dwells in us is a daily practice of stretching lame muscles, brain structures, mindsets, cultural boundaries and invites the systemic thinker to sense into what cannot be thought. Each time we think that we hit a wall the next day a new opening presents itself that gives us a glimpse of the miracle of life that is continuous movement, breath, light and joy expanding not along a fixed grid of lines but in fractals that keep surprising us. Even if on some level we have taken leave of dear ones, on another level of awareness the undivided strings weave a beautiful cloth that is unique and beloved.