Letters of Love to Life

“The arts, like gratitude, are an open gate to the vulnerability of emotions. At their best they are a strong antidote to cynicism and indifference. They reveal the heart and make people smile, through music, shades and forms.

The ones who cultivate the art of appreciation, as an art it is, are blessed to bring light into the world of shadows. For that, self-respect is key and with appreciation the antechamber to love. The three together make a powerful potion of life force.”


The fuel that drives me is my love of life. Loving life is not a given anymore for many. To light that fire again feminine presence is needed. When women connect in a profound way, we can grow on an individual and collective level to have the impact we want on the changes we find necessary in our homes, communities and in the world.

Embracing our individual feminine presence and our collective wisdom in a way that mirrors our values and priorities needs cultivating. Not to be tempted to try and fit a frame that has out-served its purpose, needs inner resilience. This frame has served us well and brought changes that we embrace, be that the pill, the well organised trade system and logistic networks throughout many places in the world and not to forget the development of the digitalisation.

However, we observe collectively a disharmony in how a great part of humanity and the earth is suffering.

The planet is resilient and will survive like many women survive despite hardship and threats. The question to ask is: ‘will we survive?’ I believe that we can, if we act differently and tap into the feminine and loving potential present in all of us.