The last couple of weeks many people have consciously and unconsciously experienced extra pressure even on a holiday. This is not surprising with all that is going on in the world but also in the energy of our planet.

Keeping faith in a better future and being prepared to take the necessary actions is an art that needs practicing every day. So is the art of keeping the feminine perspectives alive and engage in deep dialogue with each other.

‘The lack of a female perspective in science probably has a lot to do with how science overlooks vacuum and space in what we call the physical world. And it's probably no coincidence that because of this, we have a belief system based on scarcity and competition instead of abundance and collaboration.’

~ Dr Ines Urdaneta

What are these perspectives? Even though we are in the hight of summer just now I would compare it to the apparent stillness of winter where nothing seems to happen yet when the future crop is preparing itself to be abundant by resting. Far from being passive resting from social media, the computer screen or simply doing nothing appears to be a challenge for many. Yet in that apparent nothingness we reconnect with the subtleties of our inner guidance and are restored.

"He knew, that once in a while, the fields needed rest, just like the skin of a woman after birthing, to recover before carrying the next crop or child. He understood the secret relationships between the hidden world of the soil and the impatient will of men. He was humble before the lord when the harvest was not as pleasing as expected, but down to earth enough to take his hay into the barn on a Sunday before the striking thunderstorm could ruin the much-turned bounty of the winter-feed. He had a gentle sense of realism born from the harmony of a passionate heart.” 

This knowing is not intellectual, it is in the deep connection with our wisdom that we can bring it into the world through our presence and our offerings that invite stillness and reconnection to our core. To practice this, here is some inspiration.