About Change

Spring is a wonderful time to witness change. From seemingly dead branches tender green leaves suddenly burst to meet the first sunrays and delight us with a green hue across the woods and fields. A new cycle is starting, and new seeds will germinate. What seeds, sometimes depends on us.

Change is an important aspect of life. We change from the day of our conception to our last breath. But our essence, is often not changing that much, just polished by life. Like the moon really, that changes shape, apparently.

An excellent habit to cultivate, to be able to see where you need to do some changes in your life is keeping a journal. Over time the pages reflect the themes we have chosen to tackle in this lifetime. For outsiders it might sometimes appear chaotic or even be challenging when outer changes impose themselves. But inside, in our core we know, if we are truthful to ourselves, that there is something deeper that is calling us. That our essence is speaking to us. 

That is how I started to write. Despite the difficulty of finding the right words, chose a language I wanted to write and create a character, a wise female elder that honors the living web including her own body using her fine sensing of reality to protect the future of her community.

Through her I wanted to reflect that things are not staying the same, that in the span of one generation many things can happen, and it is up to us to create individually and collectively the world we want to live in.

Where we as women need to be watchful in this coming decade, is that we do not let slip away the rights our mothers have fought for. Look at the Four Freedoms speech of 1941 where Franklin D. Roosevelt talks about the four basic freedoms.

  • Freedom of speech, 
  • Freedom of worship, 
  • Freedom from want, 
  • Freedom from fear. 

Now 80 years later still many women do not have these four basic freedoms. For some it is to acquire the rights, for others the challenge is to maintain these rights.

So, if you want to see what changes you would like to bring, by creating your letter of love to life, join me this month with other women to explore all the creative potential you have to bring the change you want. Learn more and register at www.lettersoflovetolife.com

The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.