• The Garden Of Rose

    “If we are aware of our senses, if we open ourselves to our Self, if we are prepared to risk our very own, we may sense the direction we have to walk to reach home or find the stream of water to drink from in the desert.”


    Cécile Masson

    Rose, Letters of Love to Life 


  • The Garden of Rose is a place that offers a variety of spaces that inspire, amaze, or call for action.


    As any garden it is work in progress. We are all invited to do some weeding, to cut some branches, pick the dead flowers and brighten our borders.


    It is a space where essential conversations are held, and relationships nurtured.

    This ecosystem cherishes the seeds, tends the buds, appreciates the fruits, generously cultivates, and generates abundance for all. It is a place where together we unfold the potential of harmony.


    It is a place to be. 


  • Elements that shape the soil…

    Why the Garden of Rose

    The garden of Rose...

    • cultivates the balance between the feminine en masculine energy
    • creates generative solutions to tangible challenges
    • transforms the narrative,
    • honors all (our) living and all forms of life,
    • unfolds the potential of harmony,
    • restores our awareness on how to nurture the energy field of cohabitation,
    • brings focus on beauty and trust, on ease and joy rather than fear and anger,
    • allows magic to manisfest itself
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  • Contributors to The Garden of Rose live and work according to the following Core Principles

    1. We are, and are part of, the living system of planet Earth. Our personal life is deeply connected to the life of mother earth and the universe.
    2. Our inner core is more ancient and encompassing than our dual thinking may command us to believe. We have evolved on this planet that is a living system, to become a self-reflective consciousness. The planet mirrors itself back through us, together with all living creatures, rivers and plants weaving energy through matter.
    3. The healing of our personal pain (physical, emotional, moral, spiritual) helps to heal the pain of all humanity.
    4. Allowing ourselves our sensing by acknowledging the confusion, pain, and grief we may experience in our short-lived lives, can unblock chains for generations before and after us and bring healing for all, through time.
    5. Acknowledging our sensing beyond a dualistic world is one of the most courageous acts especially for women and men that have been chained by suppression for whatever reason. By making sense of our sensing, we reveal on a visceral level our mutual belonging to the web of life and free ourselves to experience the grace of being and the flow and joy of life itself.
    6. By teaming-up across disciplines, (entrepreneurs, scientist, teachers, coaches, etc) we open op the silo’s where many are trapped to inspire each other, to learn and to create new possibilities.

    Thank you for exploring this space with me,


    With love, 



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