• The Power of the Yin Oracle Deck

    This deck was created with you in mind. 


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    You know you carry a special power that, once accessed, will not only make your own life better, but can change the world.


    This power is different from the one we have been accustomed to. It is not coercive, dominating or exploitative. It is not based on scarcity and false limitations.


    This is a power in harmony with Nature and Life itself. It is a healing and creative power: timeless and abundant, while being subtle and often invisible.



    How do you begin to access a power that is both innate and nuanced? A power that is ineffable, centered in the body rather than the mind, both ancient and emergent?

    This deck was created as your guide to this power: The Power of the Yin. With each card you pull, you are offered a potent transmission of an archetypal Yin power: qualities, ways of being, practices.


    This deck is an invitation to your own remembering and emergence: into the Power of Your Yin. 


    The Power of the Yin Oracle is a deck of 56 cards, created in collaboration with artist D. Yael Bernhard who is creating original works of art to illustrate each card of Daven’s poetic text. This deck is currently live on Kickstarter, where supporters can pledge to pre-order the deck while funding the final stages of its creation.

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