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    Bursting into Bloom: Awakening Joy, Creativity and Your Sexual Energy


    Course Description

    This six-week series for women is a deeper journey into energetic and self-reverent practices to bring you into an intimate and enlivened relationship with your body, your sexual energy and life itself.


    Your sexuality—your sensitivity to touch, your arousal, your erotic imagination, your physical and emotional response—is a sacred gift designed to keep you healthy, open your heart, gift you with pleasure and align you with your truth.


    When we are connected to our sexual energy, we have access to a source of creativity and power that brings potency to every aspect of our lives.


    As leaders, cultivating and integrating our sexual energy is a foundation for effective, creative and ethical leadership. 


    Join me in a circle of women, to connect with this powerful, joyous and creative life-force!


    In this course you will:

    • Get grounded in the principles of simple, ordinary, and natural
    • Learn energetic and self-reverent practices to care for the gift of your body and your sexual energy
    • Experience Eagle Woman Qigong, the quintessential women’s qigong form, containing all the archetypes of the feminine
    • Discover the beauty and Intelligent design of your intimate anatomy
    • Become the lover and the beloved 
    • Be held in the supportive and healing container of a circle of women
    • Go deeper in a one-on-one session with me
    • Expand into a new level of possibility, joy and sensual aliveness


    Six 1.5 hour sessions over six weeks, scale (choose the investment that works for you): $200, $275, $350*

    *Registrants at the $350 level receive a one-on-one session with me ($297 value) 


    Saturdays: Jan 28

    Feb 4, 11, 18, 25

    March 4

    6-7:30 pm CET