• Walking Into Prosperity

    How walking with your personal gene keys can

    unlock your personal algorithm of prosperity

    and bring more clarity and simplicity into your life


    This is an invitation to join Anja on a 4 week online course towards embodying your unique way towards prosperity.


    A Spring Cleaning of patterns that are in the way of living prosperous in all areas of your life.



    What are the gene keys?

    The Gene Keys, inspired by the Chinese I Ching are a mirror of our genetic code. They guide us on an inner journey to transform our perceived challenges into gifts.

    The purpose of the Gene Keys is to bring your inner beauty forth, to ignite the spark of the genius that sets each of us apart from everyone else.


    The Gene Keys invite us on the Golden Path of which the Pearl Sequence (our path to prosperity) is one part.




    If this catches your attention, the first step to take is to get your Personal Hologenetic Profile.


    This is your entrance card to the Pearl Sequence.


    The basis of any work with the Gene Keys starts with your personal profile, the unique map of your life.


    Your Profile is the original blueprint that tells you who you are, how you operate and, above all, why you are here.


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    You can get your Free Profile here: Get your Hologenetic Profile 


    In preparation for ‘Walking into Prosperity’ there will be two free 1 hour group calls:

    ‘Aspects of the Hologenetic Profile’ on February 8 or March 8 at 6pm CET. To register for one of the calls please send an email to krueger.anja@gmail.com specifying the date.




    Book a personal mini-reading that will provide you with a short overview of the different aspects of the Hologenetic Profile and an outline of your four prime gifts.


    Book A Mini-Reading


  • Our Journey

    The living wisdom of our individual Gene Keys is revealed to us through contemplation.

    Our way of contemplation is through Collective Walks.

    Let your insights be sparked by listening to the wisdom of the Earth.

    Get a glimpse of the variety of our ways in our shared spaces.


    The Online Course ‘Pearl Sequence’ offered through Gene Keys Inc. is included and the basis for our explorations.


    This journey is for you if you want to

    • Identify and embrace your deepest wound and transform it into your gift to the world
    • Find your way to attract the perfect allies and partners into your life
    • Bring your gift into the world in a way that resonates with you
    • Prosper while bringing prosperity to the bigger whole


    Walking Into Prosperity includes

    • Introduction to the Pearl Sequence (60 minutes)
    • Four Collective Walks and Zoom, one for each of the 4 Spheres of the Pearl Sequence (90 minutes):
      Walk wherever you are (35 minutes)
       Transition (10 minutes)
       Meet and share via Zoom (45 minutes)
    • Coupon for the Online Course from Gene Keys Inc. ‘The Pearl Sequence’


    Monday, 13 March (Intro, 60 min) at 7.30 pm CET

    Wednesday, 15 March (90 min)

    Wednesday, 22 March (90 min)

    Wednesday, 29 March (90 min)

    Wednesday, 5 April (90 min)


    Times for our Collective Walks:

    6pm Berlin (CET) - 5pm London (UTC) - 12pm New York (EST)



    300 € including the Pearl Sequence ($150 value)


  • About Anja

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    Walking is my passion and has become my way of inviting higher wisdom into my life. Whenever an inquiry starts to move in me, I take it for a walk and, while walking, I open to the wisdom that I receive from grounding into the Earth and opening to the wisdom of nature around me.


    I have discovered that walking is particularly powerful in connection with the Gene Keys, as their ancient wisdom wrapped in a modern transmission, helps us transform our lives so we can live on a higher level of consciousness.


    My vision is to gather with women from different cultures, joining hearts in walking beyond inner and outer borders and bringing solace and peace to those we meet.


  • Shape your own Letter of Love to Life