Wishing you all a wonderful year, a year full of promises that is helping us to create structures and flow for many years to come.

Some are already experiencing the abundance of flow that they were craving for, others are patiently waiting for new energy to nourish their deepest wishes to the point of manifestation.

The Garden of Rose
In winter all appears dormant yet under the surface much is happening. Some basic elements stay the same and are always on offer.

What’s always on offer is:

The book in pocket and kindle version.

NOTE: Exciting to note that soon to come is the e-book for all devices!

Coaching sessions with Cécile author and founder of The Garden of Rose
For many years I am a leadership coach specialized in feminine leadership and the integration of our multiple intelligences, through mBIT coaching® for effective decision making.


The Power of Words

As a writer and polyglot, I am fascinated by the power of words. The embedded power of metaphors and meaning in our language is deconstructed through mBIT® coaching to provide new insights into our passions, desires and identity.

In my coaching we re-align your multiple intelligences to empower, motivate and improve commitment with deep transformational results. Our language instinctively refers to intuitive messages from our different brains.

How does your language use influence your decision that is a key within our coaching.

Some say that a couple of sessions are worth many years of therapy. As a mBIT master Coach & Trainer I would simply say that it is a beautiful marriage between science and spiritual practices that all should know about.

“With all my heart I thank you for your wisdom and love. Thanks to you I came back to myself. I cannot wish you a bigger compliment.”

M. Wagenaar DNB 

Helping you to fall in love with life again and come into your flow is what I am here to do.


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